My obsession with details started, somewhat unintentionally, over 10 years ago as I dove into a decade-long journey through etiquette and modern gentlemanship. An adventure that led me to realizing why aristocracy put such an effort into establishing a set of rules that to this day govern the world of diplomatic relationships. Most importantly, it showed me how even the most miniscule details have the power to turn a regular event into something of greater essence. The art of excellence.

Over this period, I managed to co-create the largest Polish community of those aspiring to become a lady or a gentleman, and subsequently was one of the founding members of what seemed to be the first Polish modern gentlemen's club. However, as it usually goes, differences in views on the club's internal policies made me leave and start working on the projects of my own.

Simultaneously, my career in marketing and sales, highly influenced by my passion for details, allowed me to test my theories on how exquisite customer experience (CX) can provide businesses with sought-for profits.

As of today, my direct and indirect involvement generated over $5 million of revenue to the companies I worked both with and within.

This blog is my way of sharing the knowledge from my decade-long adventure, full of crafting exquisite experiences, observing and studying people around me, as well as building various communities. The contents of the pages of The Perfectionist. will cover not only savoir-vivre, however, but every possible aspect that I deem important and related to the matter of becoming a modern gentleman.

Join me on my journey. If you dare.